Graham Hill Elementary

Graham Hill

Return to School Safety

Arrival & Dismissal

Safety at School


Everyone is required to wear a mask at all times except when eating/drinking or if they have a medical excemption.

two masked individuals standing six feet apart

Social Distancing
3ft of distancing in classrooms and indoor spaces -facing one direction as much as possible 6ft of distancing at recess and at lunch

Rainbow of raised hands

Limiting Adults in Building 
Visitors- Not allowed in the building at this time, must meet virtually or outdoors. 
Volunteers- Allowed with proof of vaccination status.

school lunch

Outdoor Lunches
ALL eating will be outdoors.  
Breakfast and lunches will be held under our covered playcourt with distancing and cohorting by class. 

Hands washing with soap and bubbles

We will teach proper handwashing techniques and will make handwashing part of our regular practice at school.

cleaning supplies

Frequent Cleaning
School spaces will be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. 

modified cohorting image of groups

Modified Cohorting
Students will be cohorted as much as possible.  At minimum they will be cohorted by classroom.  At maximum they will be cohorted by grade bands. (K-1, 2-3, 4-5)

image of wind

Modifi Ventilation & Air Quality
Air quality is being checked regularly by our district.  
In indoor spaces, windows will be open and stand alone HEPA filters have been placed in every classroom.

School Supplies

Individual Supplies
Students at GH will be provided with individual supplies.


Optional Covid Testing
We will have testing kits on-site to provide to families as needed.  Testing will not be provided without parent consent.

graphic of an apple with a nurses cap

Protected Health Care Room
Anyone who is symptomatic is taken to the Protected Health Care room.  Families will be contacted and we will use the guidance and direction of our district Covid nurses.


Restrooms are limited, with every other stall blocked off.

hallway with footsteps

Hallways are marked with floor markers to help students remember to maintain social distancing.


Hallways Bus Safety
Masks, social distancing, and assigned seats will be required. 
Questions? Learn more about SPS Transportation


1 to 1 Technology
Students will be provided with a ipad or laptop at the start of school.  This will be used in the event we need to move to 100% remote instruction.


Vaccinations for Staff
All SPS staff are required to be fully vaccinated before working with students.