Graham Hill Elementary

Graham Hill

Why Register Your Child NOW for Kindergarten at Graham Hill Elementary

2 Important Reasons

  • Reason #1: If you register now and are not assigned to Graham Hill, you can apply for School Choice in February!
    • Anyone who applies for school choice before Feb 28th gets PRIORITY!
    • If you have siblings at Graham Hill already, you get priority on the waitlist also!
  • Reason #2: It helps our school to avoid the “October Shuffle!”
    • Every year, our district has to predict how many kindergarteners will end up registering for school at Graham Hill. If more or less than the predicted amount show up to school- we have to either reduce classrooms or add them!
    • Why do we want to avoid this? Because moving students, especially kindergarteners, to a new classroom with a different teacher AFTER the year has started… is no fun for anyone!

How to Register:

Visit the SPS Website to register!

Seattle Public Schools Enrollment (link)