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    Graham Hill offers many services to meet the needs of our divserse community. To learn more about services offered please click on the links below.

    Advanced Learning Opportunities (ALO)

    ALOs are grades 1-8 District-supported programs that serve the needs of academically highly gifted/gifted students AND teacher-identified students who demonstrate skills and readiness for participation in an accelerated, rigorous, and enriched curriculum. Service delivery is typically through an inclusive approach with an emphasis on differentiated instruction and flexible grouping.


    The ELL department has two full-time teachers and five half-time IAs. This year we have 90 students who speak Somali, Chuuk, Karen, Oromo, Sonike, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Arabic, Cambodian, Lao, Nepali, Twi, Arabic, Amharic, Burmese, French and Urdu. All ELL students at Graham Hill are included in regular and Montessori classrooms and serviced by the ELL staff. Graham Hill uses a collaborative model, pull- out for individual and small group and in-class assistance.

    Access Continuum & Self Contained Class

    Graham Hill has one Inclusion Continuum Programs serving up to ten students in grades K-5. This program has one special education teacher and three instructional assistants. there is alos one self contained class that serves eight students K-2. this program has one special education teacher and two instructional assistants.

    Model Descriptions

    In the Access model students are fully included in general education classes, and spend as much time as possible in the classroom as appropriate for each individual student. An Access model generally requires that students are able to spend part of their day independently.

    Students receive additional support in the classroom from special educational staff. Students are provided with individual supports, accommodations, and modifications to help them succeed in the general education setting. These supports may include picture cues, visual schedules, behavior checklists, reinforcement systems using a preferred item or activity, social stories (situational scripted stories), peer buddies, desk and/or notebook organizers, AlphaSmart keyboards for writing assignments, scribes for writing, and assignment modification by length, content and/or format.

    The Access special education classroom is room 205. This classroom may be used to provide specially designed instruction in the areas of academics, social skills, and sensory integration. This classrooms also serves as a place for “fun time” and a “cool down time.” Students can earn time for a job well done or retreat for cool down time when frustrated.

    In the self contained model, students spend a majority of their time in one classroom where most of their academic learning takes place. Students are included with their general education peers for social skill and some academics as appropriate for each individual student. The goal is to move these students along the continuum until they are able to participate independently within the general education classroom for a majority of the day either independently or with minimal supports.

    Special Education Staff

    Inclusion teachers are responsible for designing individual educational, behavioral, and social skills program for students.

    Instructional Assistants are a vital part of our program; they support both students and teachers and help to implement the students’ IEP.

    Special Ed. staff includes: Shelly Hurley, Katie Kazmierczak, Heather Strehlo (teachers), Marlies VanBergeijk, Darren Grose, Hanna Hinga, Sacdiyo Muuse, and Rogers Greene (Instructional Assistants).

    Graham Hill staff is dedicated to working together to help students reach their potential in the least restrictive environment.

    For further information contact:

    Shelly Hurley @ 206-252-7149
    A student’s IEP team and availability of space determine placement.