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    Family Reunification Plan

    We have identified the following as a safe area for parents and guardians to go to when picking up their children:


    We have identified these steps to follow for successful student / parent reunification:

    • Parents will report to the assigned Check-In area and give the name of their child / children.
    • Picture I.D. will be required to ensure the person requesting the child / children is a match to the name on the “Emergency Information and Student Release Form.” (Alternate form may be used with current student information, ex: ESIS or PowerSchool printout.)
    • Check-In staff will sign “Student Release/ Runner Form” form indicating that ID has been checked and give form to Runner. (Keep “Emergency Information and Student Release Form” at Check-In area.
    • Check-In staff will enter student name and parent/authorized adult name on “Check In Log.”
    • A runner will go to the Student Supervision area and get the child / children requested by the parent/authorized adult.
    • Student Supervision staff will sign the “Student Release/ Runner Form” indicating student status. The runner will take the form and escort the student (s) to the Family Reunification area.
    • Parent/authorized adult will sign “Student Release/ Runner Form” when they receive their child.
    • The completed “Student Release/ Runner Form” will be returned to the Check-In area.
    • Check-In area staff attach completed “Student Release/ Runner Form” to “Emergency Information and Student Release Form.”


    • If the child is in the First Aid area, the parent/authorized adult will be escorted to that area for reunification with their child / children.
    • Counselors, when available, will be located close to the First Aid area in the event they are needed.
    • Arrangements should be made in advance to determine how and where “bad news” is communicated to parents.


    Student rosters will be updated at least twice a year. If enrollment dictates, consider updating more often.

    Updated rosters will be stored in every classroom in an area easily identified by the both teachers and substitutes. Additional copies of the rosters should be distributed to the principal and placed in the back of the Site Emergency Management Plan binder.

    “Emergency Information and Student Release Form” will be filled out at the beginning of the year. This form should include contact information on parents / guardians, as well as other adults who can be contacted if the parent / guardian is not available. The form should also indicate with whom the child is permitted to leave campus if necessary.

    DO NOT release students to anyone who not listed on the student emergency card or who is not able to produce identification. A well-intentioned friend may offer to take a child home; however, school staff must be certain that students are only released to the appropriate people so students’ families will know where they are. The form should also include all pertinent medical information such as allergies, medications, and doctor contact information. These cards should be stored in a pre-determined area in both hard copy and electronically if possible.

    Traffic Control

    • Traffic will be controlled by school-based staff until local law enforcement is available and on scene at the school.
    • To every extent possible, two-way traffic will be maintained to allow for entry and exit of emergency vehicles.
    • As the situation develops, there may be time for barricades and other traffic control devices to be delivered and set up. It should be understood this will not occur at the beginning of the incident.
    • When law enforcement arrives on the scene, they will take charge and do whatever is necessary, including the towing of vehicles, to manage the emergency or disaster.

    Note: Older students will often leave school grounds without permission. Depending on the emergency, that can be a very dangerous situation. Communicate to older students that they should remain at school until properly released. Provide them with information and responsibilities.

    Plan ahead as to how your school will handle the release of older students.