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    Graham Hill Standing Rules

    The Graham Hill PTA shall advocate for each child by: 1) Sponsoring safe recreational and educational activities for children in the Graham Hill neighborhood and school community. 2) Offering educational and support programs for parents, families and staff members. 3) Providing input into the shared decision making affecting the school building and instruction of the children. 4) Fundraising to support the programs identified by the PTA for each year.

    1. The name of this PTA local unit shall be Graham Hill Elementary PTA, the local unit number is 6-15-130. It is chartered by the Washington State PTA.
    2. This PTA serves all children and their families in the Graham Hill School community, which includes resident and local daycare providers and businesses in the Graham Hill Elementary enrollment area.
    3. This PTA is registered with the Secretary of State under the Charitable Solicitations Act. The registration number is GRH-190-318. The treasurer is responsible for filing the annual corporation report. The registered agent for this corporation is the Washington State PTA.
    4. This unit was recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt organization in March 1990 under section 501(c) 3.
    5. The annual membership service fees of Graham Hill Elementary PTA shall be thirteen dollars per person, family memberships available for twenty-five dollars per family and free memberships are also available.
    6. The elected officers of the PTA shall be Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and Volunteer Coordinator. Additional PTA Board Members include Fundraising Chairpersons, Events Chairpersons, Auction Chairpersons, Legislative Chairpersons, Arts Chairperson, Grounds Chairpersons, Communications Chairpersons, Hospitality Chairpersons and Community/Membership Chairpersons.
    7. Any elected position, other than the treasurer, may be held jointly by two (2) people. Each Board Member shall be entitled to voice and vote at a board of directors meeting.
    8. The board of directors of Graham Hill Elementary PTA (the Board) shall consist of the elected officers, committee chairs defined herein, the principal, and a staff representative. Other committees and subcommittees for specific projects as may be established by the board. Each committee chair shall have voice and vote at board meetings. All members of the board must be current members of the PTA.
    9. The board shall meet a minimum of 10 times a year. Board meetings shall be held monthly during the school year and additionally at the discretion of the board of directors.
    10. General membership meetings shall be held to adopt the annual budget, approve the standing rules, elect a nominating committee and elect officers. Additional meetings shall be held at the discretion of the board of directors.
    11. This PTA board shall approve its recommended annual operating budget prior to June 30th of each year, with final approval being voted on by the General Membership no later than October 30th of each year.
    12. This PTA shall keep a copy of each of its legal documents in the PTA room at GH. The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the original copies and keeping a copy in the PTA room.
    13. This PTA shall conduct a financial audit at the close of the fiscal year on June 30th.
    14. The signatures of the elected officers shall be on the authorized signature card for this PTA’s bank account. All checks written on the PTA’s account must have two authorized signatures.
    15. The students of Graham Hill Elementary School shall be considered honorary members of this PTA without voice, vote, or the privilege of holding office.
    16. One or more Golden Acorn and Outstanding Educator Awards may be presented annually to outstanding volunteer(s) and staff(s). A committee appointed by the president shall select the recipient(s). The board shall determine the number of recipients.
    17. Voting delegates to the Seattle PTSA Council, (also qualified to vote at the Washington State PTA Legislative Assembly and Washington State PTA Convention), shall be determined by the board from among the officers and other interested persons willing to serve as delegates.
    18. For purposes of conducting business at Board meetings, a quorum shall be defined as five (5) or more board members, including at least two (2) elected officers.