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    JUMP START August 17-21, 2020  9-12 daily

    Jump Start is a free week-long experience to welcome new kindergartners and their families to school. See details about Jump Start and participating schools here (in English). See also in: Amharic    Somali   Simplified Chinese   Spanish   Tigrigna       Vietnamese

    Who can attend? 

    • All kindergartners assigned to a Jump Start school are invited to participate.
    • Wait-listed children can attend only at their currently assigned school.
    • If your school does not offer Jump Start, contact their office to learn about their kindergarten orientation plans.

    In May, participating schools will reach out to invite families to Jump Start.

    Elements of Jump Start:

    • Scheduled 9 am to 12 pm daily, including outdoor play and snack 
    • Parent/guardian meeting with school principal 
    • Families invited to a community-building activity 
    • Bilingual support for students learning English
    • Free breakfast and lunch at eligible schools
    • Families drop off and pick up students - no district buses
    • Nearby childcare programs may offer drop off/ pickup and before or after care.

    For children with disabilities or health concerns:

    • If your child has a disability we would like to work with you and your child's case manager in advance to design a Jump Start plan. Please call the school principal.
    • If your child needs medicine or nursing help during the school day please complete a Medication at School form and send it to your child's school as soon as possible so the school nurse can write a health plan. Until this plan is in place,  the parent/guardian will need to remain at school.

    Read about signs of a successful transition to kindergarten. 


    View the short videos below to hear what students, parents and teachers say about Jump Start at Stevens Elementary and Dearborn Park International School.

    Stevens Elementary Jump Start Video

    Dearborn Park International Jump Start Video

    Jump Start Dates

    Dates: Aug. 17 - 21, 2020

    Hours: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

    See the Jump Start flyer for program details and a list of  participating schools. 

    Family Connections: Each family meets with their Kindergarten teacher between September 2 - 4; please request an interpreter when you are contacted for an appointment. Read more about Family Connections.

    Tentative 2020-21 Start Dates

    First day of kindergarten is Tuesday, September 8

    Please Note: The school calendar is negotiated between Seattle Education Association and the district. While the Collective Bargaining Agreement does outline the First Day of School will be the first Wednesday of September, the Board still needs to approve the calendar, which will happen before the end of January. Dates are still subject to change.

    Read more about school calendar dates.