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    In an effort to have a strong math curriculum that is Common Core-aligned, Graham Hill requested and received a waiver to use the Bridges 2nd edition math curriculum for grades K -5. Montessori classrooms are mostly using a blend of Bridges and Montessori math works. Bridges has been rated as highly aligned with the Common Core Standards according to Ed Reports.*

    Bridges offers 8 units of study at each grade level. Each unit includes 20 lessons and takes approximately 4 weeks to complete. Each lesson takes a single class period. In addition to the main lesson of the day, students also work on their skills in 15- to 20-minute Number Corner exercises, many of which are games.

    Using this curriculum, students:

    • Play an active role in their own learning and in the classroom community 
    • Talk about math by sharing observations, explaining their thinking, and asking questions 
    • Use hands-on activities and a variety of math tools and visual models to understand how mathematical concepts work 
    • Build stamina for solving complex problems that require perseverance 
    • Play games in small groups to practice what they learn
    The link below offer more specific information on how what children will be learning in each grade level throughout the year and how to support your children with math. If you have any additional questions or concerns, contact your child's teacher or Ruchi Sugimoto, our 3-5 Math Specialist (

    * EdReports is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educators with a trusted resource for independent reviews of classroom curricula. Their rigorous process evaluates how closely curricula align to the Common Core State Standards using three main criteria: (1) Focus and Coherence, (2) Rigor and the Mathematical Practices, and (3) Instructional Supports and Other Usability Indicators.

    Bridges 2nd Edition support | The Math Learning Center

    Information and materials for parents of students using Bridges math curriculum.