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5th Grade Chorus

Activity Coordinator - Heidi McKibbon Cooper

All 5th graders will have the opportunity to join the Graham Hill 5th Grade Chorus. They will explore classical, contemporary and traditional choral music. Students will have opportunities to perform in the community at large. Past performances include the Seattle School Board Meetings at John Stanford Center for Excellence in Education, Discover Dance with the Pacific Northwest Ballet at McCaw Hall, and other community events.

Green Team recycling

Green Team

Activity Coordinator - 4/5 Team

Twenty-six 4th and 5th graders make up the Green Team. They oversee the compost/recycle/garbage stations in the lunchroom each day. They also attend Green Team meetings and have the opportunity to serve on committees to work on special projects. Currently a committee is working on teaching younger students about composting, recycling and landfills. A committee has worked to reduce lunchroom waste and a committee helped with a one day waste audit which will help us attain Green School Certification.

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Activity Coordinator - Ray Rogers

Greetings. The primary function of the safety patrol is to assist and aid members of the student body in the safe and proper crossing of streets and other designated crossing areas requested by the school administrators.
Graham Hill Safety Patrol program have been around for a very long time. Though the main function of the Safety Patrol is to protect students and reinforce safety practices, the Safety Patrol prompts members to develop responsibility, dependability, leadership and a sense of social obligation.

We are glad to have this Safety Patrol Program available to our student body as well as the neighborhood of Graham Hill Our Safety Patrol Members will need your cooperation as they put into practice the methods they are learning. We will need the driving community to follow some basic rules in order to keep the Patrol Members and the children they are leading safe.

  1. Please use appropriate parking spaces. All staff must use the parking lot. There is no parking on the west side or west side where the cones are placed. The turn-around in the school parking lot is for pick-up and drop-off only. Please do not occupy both lanes of the turn around.
  2. A most important safety rule is to keep your vehicle on the correct side of the road. Please do not pull across traffic to park in the wrong direction of traffic to drop off or pick up your child.
  3. Let the Safety Patrol members direct you. Many of you will be tempted to stop at the crosswalk and allow the children waiting there to cross; please don’t do this. The Safety Patrol members may see that the children should wait there and cross as an entire group.
  4. Please advise your students that the Safety Patrol members will ask them to wait at least one big step from the curb to ensure their safety.

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