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    2016 - 2017 PTSA Officers

    Heidi McKibbin-Cooper,
    Naquaia Hall,

    Co-Vice Presidents
    Marlene Vasquez,
    Elaine Hanifan,

    Angel Thomas,

    Jeff Nachtigal,

    Fundraising Chair
    Judy Chen,

    Grant Writer
    Arlene Williams,

    What does the PTSA do for our Graham Hill community?

    The PTA’s mission is to bring together the Graham Hill population of teachers, staff, children and parents to:

    1. build community
    2. enrich academics
    3. promote an inviting and safe environment
    4. create an exceptional place for all

    Each year the Graham Hill PTA

    • Organizes numerous school events like Fall Fest and Heritage Night to bring our community together and honor our diversity. Last year the PTA hosted 18 family events to bring our community together and celebrate families and education.
    • Provides funding for programs to enhance academic excellence and help Graham Hill students succeed such as:
      • Drop Everything and Read
      • Discover Dance
      • Pi Night
      • Field trips
      • Classroom supply funds
      • Outdoor Education Overnight (5th Graders)
    • Collaborates closely with the school leadership to provide support across a wide variety of initiatives such as enhancing the arts and supporting science curriculum in the classrooms.
    • Maintains various building and grounds projects through organized work parties and playground enhancement projects to create a vibrant and engaging environment for our community

    Because we are an inclusive community, the PTA works to compliment the amazing work of Graham Hill’s teachers and staff for the benefit of all.

    Graham Hill Elementary School

    Elaine Hanifan
    Volunteer Coordinator